Survey and Scope of Works | INSUREPAIR ®


Our surveyor will visit your property at a prearranged time to inspect and photograph any damage. After the surveyor has carried out the inspection, they will advise you that your claim has been either:-

Validated – your claim has been accepted, and your insurer will pay the cost of any repairs less any policy excess

Repudiated – the damage that has occurred is not covered under the terms of your insurance policy

Partially Repudiated – only some of the damage has been accepted, and your insurer will pay the cost of some of the repairs less any policy excess

Referred – the surveyor is unable to provide a decision on site, and has to refer the claim back to your insurance company for further instruction


Scope of Works

The surveyor will agree with you on site a scope of works that are to be carried out. You will be asked to authorise and sign this agreed scope of works and a copy will be left with you. At this stage you can pay your excess (if applicable) to the surveyor or a request for payment will be sent to you via head office.

If there is any aspect of the scope that you do not understand please contact us and our staff will be happy to help.