Excess Payment and Material Choices | INSUREPAIR ®

Excess Payment

The majority of insurance policies include an excess. This is the sum of money that you as the policyholder are liable to pay on any insurance claim you have. Your excess has to be paid directly to INSUREPAIR ® prior to work proceeding. We will inform you if you have to pay an excess. The excess payment can be paid either by credit card or debit card by telephoning 01314783391, or by cheque or bank transfer. Our surveyors will be happy to advise you on the excess value on your policy or take payment of it whilst they are on site.


Material Choice & Purchasing

The surveyor will agree with you a like for like replacement for your existing materials i.e. tiles, wallpaper, laminate floor etc. If you wish to choose a more expensive alternative, you will be liable to pay the additional costs prior to works commencing. If we request you to pick materials i.e. paint colours, wallpaper, etc we would ask you to notify us as early as possible of your choices to allow us time to purchase and collect material on your behalf. There can sometimes be problems finding a match for items such as tiles and bathroom suites. In these circumstances we would consult your insurer and advise on the extent of your cover.