⚡️ INSUREPAIR ® have gone electric!!! ⚡️Smart EQ fortwo

As Scotland’s Premier All Trades Reinstatement Company, our surveyors, contracts managers and customer care managers cover a lot of ground. We have been waiting for quite some time for the motor industry to produce viable electric vehicles that also improve air quality. At last we’ve found the car that makes sense in the new Smart Car ForTwo EQ.

Smart Cars are ALL electric and the benefits especially for us being based in busy Edinburgh, are huge. They are Perfect for City Life, Easier to Manoeuvre & Park, Free to Charge at many rapid charging points and with no exhaust, pure electric cars produce no carbon dioxide emissions when driving. This reduces air pollution considerably. Over a year, just one electric car on the roads can save an average of 1.5 million grams of CO2. That’s the equivalent of four return flights from London to Barcelona.

We’ll be crisscrossing Edinburgh, Falkirk and Fife regularly so please give us a wave if you see us.

‘INSUREPAIR ® based in Edinburgh are the driving force changing the property repair industry for the better.’ – We’re Here To Help!