Insurance Claims Validation

At Insurepair, our validation service utilises the experience and specialist technical knowledge of our, Aquilo (PLC) Limited, trained surveyors to provide a truly independent validation service that provides an impartial decision of liability, cause and repair cost. We are well versed on the major insurer preferred insurance building claims scoping tools such as Symbility and Xactimate to name but a couple.

Our Surveyors are highly qualified and experienced in the validation of both commercial and domestic property claims and will provide:

  • A rapid response to instructions, typically within SLA of 24 hours
  • Identification of damage and an accurate assessment of policy liability
  • A recommendation to insurers on whether to accept or repudiate a claim
  • On-site decisions to policyholders where required
  • Interpretation of policy documentation according to the claims ethos of the insurer
  • A detailed scope and schedule of works
  • A ‘fixed price’ for any repairs
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Management information tailored to insurer’s own requirements