A guide to your claim

Insurance claims made easy

At INSUREPAIR ® we aim to assist you throughout your insurance claim and repair / reinstatement / restoration works. Explore our general information on the repair process, as well as useful contact numbers and explanations. INSUREPAIR ® is working throughout Scotland in partnership with Britain’s largest insurance companies to provide their policyholders with a complete insurance repair service.

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Appointed by your insurer

If your insurance company has appointed INSUREPAIR then we will manage your claim and do the following on their behalf:

  • Inspect and photograph the damage to your property
  • Establish the cause of damage
  • Validate your claim
  • Prepare a schedule of repair works to be authorised
  • Carry out the repairs
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Our surveyor will visit your property at a pre-arranged time to inspect and photograph any damage. After the surveyor has carried out the inspection, they will advise you that your claim has been either:

  • Validated: your claim has been accepted and your insurer will pay the cost of any repairs less any policy excess
  • Repudiated: the damage that has occurred is not covered under the terms of your insurance policy
  • Partially repudiated: only some of the damage has been accepted and your insurer will pay the cost of some of the repairs less any policy excess
  • Referred: the surveyor is unable to provide a decision on site and has to refer the claim back to your insurance company for further instruction

Scope of

The surveyor will agree on a scope of works with you on-site. You will be asked to authorise and sign this agreed scope of works and a copy will be left with you. At this stage you can pay your excess (if applicable) to the surveyor, alternatively, a request for payment will be sent to you. If there is any aspect of the scope that you do not understand, please contact us and our staff will be happy to help.

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The surveyor will agree with you a like-for-like replacement i.e. tiles, wallpaper, laminate floor, etc. If you wish to choose a more expensive alternative, you will be liable to pay the additional costs prior to works commencing. If we request you to pick materials i.e. paint colours, wallpaper, etc., we would ask you to notify us as early as possible of your choices to allow us time to purchase and collect material on your behalf. There can sometimes be problems finding a match for items such as tiles and bathroom suites. In these circumstances, we would consult your insurer and advise on the extent of your cover.

Carrying out
your repair

Our operations department will contact you after your excess payment has been received to arrange a suitable date to have the repair work carried out. Once we have agreed on a date for the repairs, we will ensure that the work is carried out on the planned dates. We will take great care to cover and protect items that cannot be removed, however, it remains your responsibility to remove and store any loose items. Assistance can be arranged for the elderly or disabled – prior notice must be given to the works commencing if assistance is required.

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We promise to deliver on great workmanship and leave your property clean and tidy. We try our best to deliver a great customer experience and we love to hear how happy you are and how well we’ve done.